Great Wall Wey MPV “High Mountain” debuts globally

On April 18th, the highly anticipated Great Wall Wey “High Mountain” finally made its global debut at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show. From the product’s exterior design to the information that has been made public so far, it can be seen that the Wey “High Mountain” is not just another MPV in this segment.

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Not long ago, Wey “Blue Mountain” was officially launched, targeting the large six-seater family SUV market, and its price of around 300,000 yuan has sparked heated discussions in the market. The newly unveiled Wey “High Mountain” will also join forces with “Blue Mountain” to consolidate Wey’s position in the field of smart high-end new energy vehicles and become a leader among Chinese new energy vehicle brands.

Wey “High Mountain” continues Wey’s naming method of “coffee” category, maintaining the consistency of brand style. The choice of “High Mountain” as the name reflects Wey’s appreciation of high mountain coffee, which not only breeds top-quality coffee beans in a unique and harsh growing environment, but also enjoys a rich reputation among coffee lovers.

This coincides with Wey High Mountain’s idea of creating a model with luxurious quality and high-end positioning. Wey “High Mountain” also emphasizes providing users with a perfect user experience and satisfaction with strict quality control and leading craftsmanship.

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From the appearance, Wey “High Mountain” adopts a high mountain water curtain front face, which shows strength and dynamism. The atmospheric chrome-plated waterfall water grille is very visually striking. The starry headlights have a significant improvement in luxury, and the waistline presents a high-end and elegant texture. The design inspiration of the taillights comes from the pine trees that pierce straight into the sky on the high mountains, which are dynamic and majestic and have high recognition.

In terms of interior configuration, Wey “High Mountain” is based on the world’s first new energy high-end MPV model exclusive platform built by Great Wall Motor Group for four years, and has achieved the ultimate in multiple dimensions such as riding comfort, driving safety, and intelligent technology.

The most critical function of MPV is comfort. Wey “High Mountain” has a length of more than 5 meters, a width of nearly 2 meters, and a wheelbase of more than 3 meters. Even the third-row users can ride comfortably. In addition, the ultra-long wheelbase brings the highest axle length ratio of 0.61:1 close to the golden ratio in the same level. The wind-driven body is like a forest blown by a strong wind, forming a huge visual contrast between movement and stillness, perfectly combining luxury and dynamism.

The Chinese MPV market has been dominated by major players such as Buick GL8, Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, etc. for a long time, and the overall market concentration is much higher than that of the SUV market. As market pioneers, traditional brands such as Buick GL8, Odyssey, Elysion, Sienna, etc. occupy an absolute advantage in user mind. Buick GL8 is still a force that cannot be underestimated in the MPV market. In March this year, it ranked first in the market in terms of MPV retail sales.

However, this niche segment is welcoming more and more players. New car brands such as Lantu, Tengshi, Jikrypton and others have also launched new energy MPV models one after another last year, posing a threat to traditional forces. The addition of Wey Blue Mountain will add new strength to China’s independent MPV models, jointly subvert traditional joint venture brands, and define MPV brands belonging to Chinese consumers.